01. There are many things you can do in your everyday life to help protect the [environment], such as recycling or riding a bicycle.
02. My wife and I buy only [environmentally]-friendly cleaning products for use in our home.
03. [Environmentalists] are working to have the old growth forest set aside as park.
04. Recent studies suggest that [environmental] factors, rather than heredity, play the major role in whether or not a person develops most types of cancer.
05. This city is generally a safe and friendly [environment] for foreign students to study in.
06. The [environment] in our office has been really bad ever since one of the secretaries was fired for arguing with the boss.
07. Critics say this country's [environmental] legislation is too weak, and is not consistently enforced.
08. Clement Stone once said, you are a product of your [environment], so choose the [environment] that will best develop you toward your objective.
09. The South Pole is actually a desert [environment], averaging about the same amount of monthly precipitation as the Sahara Desert.
10. In order to establish an [environment] of trust in this office, we need to show respect for each other.
11. The major [environmental] issue in Fiji is how to dispose of waste materials in a responsible manner.
12. Gorillas, endangered in most other parts of Africa, are said to be so numerous in the nation of Gabon that they've almost become an [environmental] nuisance.
13. Each [environment] supports a distinctive community of plants and animals.
14. The Korean government has been working to create a favorable [environment] for foreign investment.
15. David Suzuki is a well-known [environmentalist] who has been working hard to educate the people of this country about the dangers of pollution.
16. Different learning [environments] are beneficial to students with different learning styles.
17. The environmental organization Greenpeace works to help protect our natural [environment].
18. The fundamental elements of our planet's [environment] are water and air.

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